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Kundalini Yoga and Meditation combined with Body Conscious Movement and Reiki, led by Atma Chanan Kaur and Ruth Figueroa
Sept. Friday, 13th– Monday, 16th 2019, Stewart Mineral Springs,4617 Stewart Springs Road
Weed, CA 96094

Recharge and rejuvenate in the splendor of the Divine Feminine energy of Mt. Shasta, one of the most sacred places on earth. Our daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice (breath work, asanas, mudras, and mantras) combined with Body Conscious Movement and Reiki will take you deep into your own wisdom and self-empowernment. We’ll have dyads, group shares, and daily outings supporting us on this journey. Atma Chanan Kaur and Ruth Figueroa will guide you in a gentle way, while chanting, meditating, soaking, journaling, and doing outdoor yoga, co-creating a safe space for one another. Breakfast and lunch will be included, and dinners will be on your own, along with free time in the evening. We’ll visit Heart & Crystal Lakes, Panther Meadows, McCloud & Burney Falls.


Friday, Sept 13th: Arrival of participants and check in rooms at 4:00 pm

Saturday, Sept 14th: 6:30 am Outdoor Yoga; 8:00 Breakfast; 9:00 Share Circle, Meditation and Recreation at McCloud Falls, Middle Falls; 1:00 pm Outdoor Lunch; 2:00- 4:00 pm Recreation at Lake Siskyu and Reiki Healing Session with Chris Brusati; 4:30 pm Soul Connections and Crystal Keeper’s stores in Weed; 6:30 pm Dinner and Free Time.

Sunday, Sept 15th: 6:30 am Outdoor Yoga and; 8:00 Breakfast; 9:00 Check-In, Sacred Silent Hike at Panther Meadows; 1:00 pm Outdoor Lunch; 2:00-5:00 pm Burney Falls; 6:30 pm Dinner and Free Time.

Monday, Sept 16th: 6:30 am Outdoor Yoga; 8:00 Breakfast; 9:00 Closure Circle, 10:00 am Stewart Mineral Springs Baths (optional, $30, Sauna $10); 11:00 am Check-out rooms. Return home by car or share a ride to the airport.


“This workshop was a deeply spiritual experience including delicious food, meditation in nature, a beautiful retreat setting, and fun excursions to the area. It was all done with depth, presence, and kindness by the skilled and loving facilitators. I can’t recommend this trip highly enough.”

“This workshop was an unforgettable experience. The power, energy, and beauty of the mountain and the retreat center made this a perfect setting for group yoga. The facilitators led powerful yoga kriyas and meditations in incredible natural settings. I also appreciated the periods of relaxation and rejuvenation. I left feeling energized and inspired.”

“This workshop was my first contact with Kundalini Yoga and I loved the way the facilitators transmitted their enthusiasm, discipline and motivation. I felt I could achieve any goal I set my mind to, in addition to the beautiful surroundings, the friendliness of the people, and the opportunity to grow together as human beings.”

“I loved the warmth of the group and how we practiced together. It empowered us individually, as well as feeling the energy of all the places we visited, including the cool healing waters of the creeks. It was a marvelous experience all around.”

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“Open the Door to Your Heart,” Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Workshop, Saturday, September 15th, 2018, 12:30 pm-4:30 pm, Sebastopol, CA 

In a fun and loving environment, you’ll learn the tools to:

  • Gain emotional resilience around past hurts, separation and loss.
  • Build acceptance and trust in yourself & your relationships.
  • Awaken your creativity and reconnect to the source of love.
  • Align yourself with the magic of Kundalini meditations & mantras.

“Atma Chanan did a great job integrating Kundalini yoga to heart-opening exercises. The Kriyas and meditations were the most powerful part of the workshop. I noticed ways that my heart had recently become more guarded and I felt a lot of release happening.”

“The most effective part of the workshop was the yoga relaxation followed by interactions with partners. It helped me to look at fear, love and joy in relationships.”

“I like the Kriyas the most. I got some real insight on the state of my heart. It was lovely.”

“The breathing meditations had the greatest impact for me. Atma Chanan created a safe environment with kindness and grace. It inspired me to continue to trust a path of yoga.”

“Atma Chanan created a comfortable, safe place to explore Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. It increased my interest and confidence in the practice. I felt safe, and relaxed.”

“I came to workshop for breathwork and friendship. I gained awareness of the body image, and past/present pain. Stretching the spine had the greatest impact for me. I felt seen and heard, treated with kindness and respect.”


“The Heart and Soul of Authentic Living,” Tantra and Kundalini Workshop taught in collaboration with Dan Argraves, Saturday, November 4th, 2018, 10:00 pm- 5:00 pm, Sebastopol, CA 

In a safe and caring space, Dan and Atma will guide you in uplifting and heart-opening exercises combining breath work, mudras, mantras, dyads, and group exercises. You’ll experience to awaken your creativity and lead from the heart., while embracing your energy flow in body-centered experiences. 
Learn ancient tantric skills and honor the power of the feminine. Gain body sovereignty and deepen your self-love.

Singles, couples, all genders, all cultures and all ages over 18 are welcome. Cost: $40 in advance,  $45 at the door. Sebastopol, CA

“I’ve gained a lot from Atma Chanan and Dan’s workshop. I realized we all want love and presence. This awareness softened me to let go of my last relationship in a loving and surrendering way. I felt more clarity and direction.”

“Atma Chanan and Dan provoked deep feeling and honest self-exploration during this workshop.  My awareness was expanded and my energy was heightened. They combined Kundalini yoga and energy building exercises along with group discussion and dialogue. The couple’s ritual allowed me to voice my awe and reverence for the divine feminine qualities of women that I had previously not been able to express. A mind-expanding experience!”

“Atma Chanan and Dan put together a very organized workshop. I liked how energy flowed so smoothly between them. She did a great job presenting yoga exercises to open the chakras, combined with practices to honor the Divine Feminine. I was able to gain personal insights into letting go.”

“Atma Chanan’s instructions were clear and easy to follow. She had a very good delivery and paced the exercises well. They did a great job together.”