Divine Feminine Grace & Empowerment Series: Dive Deep with Yogic Ancient Techniques, Journaling and Womb Medicine

Part 2 of the Series: Priestessing the New Paradigm: Sisterhood Rising, Healing Ancestral Trauma and our Female Lineage with Womb Medicine

Ashland Goddess Temple, Oregon

As women, we’re living in very exciting times. Sages predicted that in the Aquarian Age women will lead and be equal to men, and the Sacred Feminine will emerge in our consciousness in all different and creative ways. This shift is happening and as sisters, all women and those who identify as women rise together. In this second part of the series, “Priestessing the New Paradigm: Sisterhood Rising, Healing Ancestral Trauma and our Female Lineage with Womb Medicine” Atma Chanan delivers a combination of Kundalini Meditation, Womb Visualizations, Journaling and Sacred Feminine Rituals for a complete Rebirth, and our coming together in sisterhood to heal our “womb wounds.”

In yogic philosophy, women are ahead of men by 16 hours; our female brain can process faster and multitask because of the larger hypo-thalamus in the pre-frontal lobe of the brain. But as sisters, are we physically and emotionally ready for these times? This series will dive deep into embracing the so-much-awaited responsibility that comes with equal rights for women. Together we will priestess the new paradigm shift with grace, wisdom and intuition. We will connect & support each other, dropping the old patterns of “competing” by healing the collective wounds of our sisterhood.

Each one of us has an epic unique female lineage which we will tune into and heal the ancestral trauma of one’s family and continue to lead the way. Our Soul has chosen to live during this paradigm shift, and incarnate in a woman’s body and/or identify as a female. Together, as sisters, let’s rise and support each other to be the Goddesses that we already are.

In gratitude to Priestess Laura Carmody from the Ashland Goddess Temple in Oregon, for coming up with the term “Priestessing.” To me it means that we’re midwives in our minds and bodies to prepare humanity for the consciousness changes that we’re already experiencing, and what’s to come when the Aquarian Age fully unfolds. It is here that we’ll need to have done our own soul work to come together as sisters and aid the Rebirth!

  • Cultivate a sacred sense of your feminine energy. Your womb knows: Live in Integrity with Who You Are, by setting healthy and creative boundaries in all your relationships.

  • Identify the original "womb wound" that’s holding you back from standing in your power and showing up as a "sister."

  • Understand how your own "womb medicine" is tied to your ancestral fear and family trauma--learning to let go of your disease because it is now your cure.

  • Learn to "priestess" your own female lineage that makes you the Goddess that you are today.

Week 1: The Ancient Wisdom of your Womb, your Shakti power

Cultivate a sacred sense of your feminine energy and get in touch with the energy of your womb. Your womb has ancient wisdom because it’s connected to your female lineage and the power of your Shakti–creativity and love in action. Explore this ancient knowledge, from generation after generation of women in your family and live in integrity with who you’re authentically. Learn to set healthy and creative boundaries in all your relationships, the basis for developing your very own womb medicine–aligned to your life purpose and soul destiny. It’s time for women to awaken and assume responsibility for our role in the larger picture of life–with our Shakti power we can priestess and midwife a new paradigm of harmony, connection and abundance.

Week 2: Discover the “womb wound” that’s holding you back

Identify the original “womb wound” that your family has carried from generation to generation whether it’s patriarchal authority, white supremacy, gender oppression of any kind, family secrets that were revealed to you later in life and affected your growing up and conditioning, and anything else that has taken away the power of the Sacred Feminine to manifest through your body and psyche. This trauma is what’s holding you back from standing in your own power and showing up as a “sister.” Learn how to stop competing, fighting, arguing, struggling with life and putting yourself and other women down. Learn how to gracefully be in authentic relationship with yourself and others. Face your shadow–our social collective shadow–and rise up in sisterhood!

Hacienda Yoga, Española, NM

Week 3: Heal the wounds of sisterhood by releasing your own dysfunctional habits and behaviors, triggers and blindspots

Once you identify your “womb wound,” you’ll begin to see coincidences in your belief system and that of your family that creates habits and behaviors that perhaps are not the most healthy and productive for your growth and evolution. They impede your own development as a “sister” aiding in the new paradigm change. Learn to liberate them and let them go as you name them and acknowledge the pain and suffering in them. It is in the dis-ease that you’ll understand your ancestral fear and family trauma because they have now become the cure. Together, we’ll dive deep into your soul work and lead the way for those sisters around us to do the same. Learn how to take the steps that are needed towards your own Rebirth and the Rebirth of your sisters, for women and the Sacred Feminine to thrive in the Aquarian Age.

Week 4: Sisterhood Rise! Learn to “priestess” your female lineage into the light and support other sisters in their journey

Learn to “priestess” your own body and emotional shifts and transformations so that you can midwife healthy habits and behaviors for your own female lineage, that is, for seven generations of women in your family before you and seven generations ahead. Use your Shakti power to bring positive changes to your family dynamics and relationships, if not physically, energetically. In peeling the layers of this “onion” lies your cure, acquiring the right patterns to live in integrity and happiness. Standing in your own power and truth will propel you forward in your spiritual path and the spiritual path of all those around you–whether they notice it or not. Sister: It’s time for all of us to midwife our own rebirth and support the sisters around us in their Rebirth and standing in their Shakti power. Our story is the story of every woman. Be the Goddess that you already are. Sisterhood Rise!