Week 1: The Body as Temple and the Six Tracks of a Woman’s Mind.

This module brings consciousness to our BODY as a sanctuary, a sacred space for us to set our minds to, to create and relax into, to invigorate when needed for action, and to purify our word, thoughts, and hearts. We are natural givers for our partners and our families, usually forgetting about ourselves. Women have six mental tracks, so that we can multitask and still remain sane, however when we don’t come back to us at the end of the day, the energy disperses and can create chronic fatigue, stress, illness, hormonal imbalances and insomnia. Ideally, an altar for you to sit at home is recommended, where you can connect in the morning or at the end of your day with your own inner wisdom, acknowledging your body as sacred.

Week 2: Recognizing The Original Wound in the Stories We Tell

This module recognizes the original female wound that led to disconnect from your Higher source, the one your  Feminine Divine Soul longs to be reunited with. Sometimes it can be a traumatic experience in childhood, or during our adolescence, or an event we experienced as an adult woman. Other times, it can a be a series of events that have ingrained in our brains as a familiar pattern we keep playing over and over. When we bring light or awareness into our triggers and our blindspots, we are able to liberate them, and step out of the darkness where our stories run in the shadows of our sub-personalities. Once this process is complete, we are able to feel whole again, welcome all the parts of us, and feel connected to the ever-flowing elixir of our organic, Goddess nature.

Week 3: Setting Boundaries: A strong “No” and a Happy “Yes”

This module teaches the tools to delineate what no longer serves us our woman body and soul, what you need to let go in order to attract and embrace new habits, paying careful attention to the words we say, decisions we take, and the thoughts we have. Atma Chanan will guide you into a subconscious, deep cleansing of the mind that will strengthen your heart’s desire, so that you can experience a wider charge of your own life force energy running through your chakras and central nervous system. You will become aware of the energy you generate within yourself, and develop practices to build a stronger magnetic field, inviting into your life the relationships you’ve always desired.

Week 4: Honoring the Inner Wisdom of the Womb

This module focuses on developing our navel intelligence, by building our power from the inner core. Most times we don’t like the blind spots or shadows of our personality, but they are there for us to feel and grow from them. Emotions in a woman’s body tend to accumulate in the area around your belly bottom; this reflects the inner energy of your womb. Emotional traumas leave their signature in the body and take form in muscle contraction, mental stress, chronic pain, fatigue, and, insomnia. By honoring the wisdom of the womb, we’ll journey inward to open ourselves to the messages of our body and begin an inner dialogue. By learning rhythmic and free movements for the entire body, but especially to strengthen the navel, will learn to relax the tensions stored around the third chakra and your solar plexus. This module will give you an opportunity to fill yourself up with positive, creative voices and stories, drawing inward to build and recharge your feminine energy.

Week 5: Regeneration and Rebirth

This module focuses on the heart and the circulatory system. You’ll learn techniques to drop into your heart and keep an open heart under all circumstances, through your moon cycles, your emotions, your explorations and your own unique process of being you. We’ll remove the layers of rust and defensiveness we’ve been taught or conditioned, and that are deeply internalized in our psyches to our bodies from danger. We no longer need them, so we’ll peel them off like layers of onion, and we’ll let go of the stories that no longer match our inner wisdom. Atma Chanan we’ll teach how to tap into that life force lying dormant within you, that potent and powerful energy connected to the primal energy of Divine Mother, the one that as womb holders all women carry within us. We’ll explore its depth and discover the gifts of our unique soul mapping for our rebirth.

Week 6: Authenticity, Presence, and Grace

After having witnessed parts of our subconscious minds with an open, compassionate heart, Atma Chanan will guide you in the final journey of this module for you to find strength in your own sacred womb–your refuge of self-dignity, wisdom and truth within your body and psyche. The module poses an invitation for you to conquer your mind by helping you to fully develop the spiritual strength of a warrioress and co-creatoress. Once we have come through the first steps of our Journal Ladder, journaling with the pen at home, we’ll savor our own Feminine Self and what we’ve built so far. Are we better aligned with our deeper truth open to infinite possibilities in our workplace, our families, love relations, and all aspects of our lives? Are we embracing a strong “No” to protect ourselves by setting healthy boundaries and an enthusiastic “Yes” to move forward as we wish in the moment? This module will support you in finding permission within yourself to be freely and authentically you, appreciating the feminine presence and grace of every woman in thsese fast-changing, challenging times.


“Atma Chanan felt very loving. There was lots of information in a short time, well presented. She was calm and centered at all times,”

“Atma Chanan is a great presenter; her instructions were clear and easy to follow. She had a very good delivery and paced the exercises well.”

“Atma Chanan did a great job presenting the yoga exercises. I liked how it flowed so smoothly. I was able to gain personal insights into letting go.”

“Atma Chanan delivered what was promised to the participants, and even more. I loved all the different aspects of Kundalini Yoga as well as the heart-opening meditations.”