“Basic Course on Kundalini Yoga and the Breath-The Voice of the Soul”



“Releasing Stress, Chronic Pain & Fatigue-Navigating Fibromyalgia and other Illnesses”



“Facing the Shadow in One’s Soul Path”

20 VIDEOS for live streaming and practicing at home, led by Atma Chanan Kaur who bridges the sacred feminine with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

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In this course, Atma Chanan combines ancient techniques from Kundalini Yoga and the Sacred Feminine, offering tools like journaling, meditation, yoga postures, mantras, and mudras. Through the spirit of goddess archetypes and millenary yogic technology, she brings awareness to the Kundalini Shakti energy lying dormant at the base of the spine. She guides you in specific breath work, mudha and mantra combinations aimed at strengthening the glandular, immune and nervous systems, and reconnecting to the natural cycles of life and Mother Earth.

This course is a chance to explore how the sacred act of manifestation shows up in our lives, fully appreciating who we are, our bodies, our personalities and our psyches. Standing in our deeper truth, we’ll set the intention to embrace our power with no shame or holding back. All genders are welcome to register, and explore the power of the sacred feminine within themselves.

When we connect to the natural rhythms of our minds and bodies, in our thinking, in our words and actions, we develop our intuitive intelligence and our DNA gets activated, connecting us to a Higher Consciousness and creating new neuropaths in our cellular body. We open ourselves to receive and gain better access to the essence of our Soul. It’s a beautiful, magical process, and it’s our deepest hope that you’ll feel alive, renewed and connected to All.

  • Bonus 1: Tuning In and Warm-up Yoga Set with instructions for Beginners to Kundalini Yoga

  • Bonus 2: Kirtan Kriya Meditation (11 minutes) with practice instructions and benefits for your well-being

  • Bonus 3: How to create your own Home Altar and Practice Morning Affirmations (when you signed up for our newsletter)

  • The Body as Temple

  • Recognizing the Original Wound in the Stories we Tell

  • Setting Boundaries: A Strong No and a Happy Yes

  • Honoring the Inner Medicine of the Womb

  • Regeneration and Rebirth

  • Authenticity, Presence and Grace


“ I loved the breath work, the Kriyas, and the Kirtan Kriya Meditation. It was great to re-immerse myself in Kundalini after several years. I loved all the exercises.”

Jennie, Therapist, Santa Rosa, California

“Atma Chanan felt very loving. There was lots of information in a short time, well presented.”

Sharon, Sacramento, California

“I received more than I expected. The sharing, the chanting, and the breathing had the greatest impact. I feel I am clearer and I also feel lighter.”

Dominique, Sebastopol, California