Basic Kundalini Yoga Sets and Breathwork

This course focuses on four basic Kundalini Yoga sets or kriyas to revitalize your body and get in tune with your Breath. According to ancient yogic philosophy, the breath is the “voice” of the soul. Gaining awareness of the relationship between one and the other is essential to understand ourselves. A “kriya” is a set of actions combined for the awakening and optimum functioning of different areas in the body, mind and spirit connection. We’ll focus on the spine with the Basic Spinal Energy Series; the subtle body anatomy, the mind and the body with the Awakening to your Ten Bodies Kriya; on increasing your vitality with the Surya Kriya; and on strengthening your navel, the cosmic bank of reserve energy, with the Nabhi Kriya. Atma Chanan will also spend time explaining the Breathing exercises that are commonly used in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation: Breath of Fire, Sitali Breath, Long Deep Breathing, Lion’s Breath and the Alternate Pranayam, as well as the Three Bandhas or Locks, Mulbandh, Neck and Diaphragm Lock.

  • Revitalize and strengthen your body, mind and spirit with ancient yogic techniques: Mantras, Bandhas, Pranayams and Asanas.

  • Get a burst of energy for the chakras and the circulation of the spinal fluid--basic step for your Kundalini Awakening and Rising.

  • Understand your subtle body anatomy, and the body, mind, connection, and gain more clarity of mind.

  • Expand your pranic body by learning five easy pranayama and activate the voice of your soul--your breath.

Week 1: Let’s Get Started! 

Learn the Basic Spinal Energy Series in nine easy exercises, and learn to combine your breath with the movement, to give your practice a burst of energy to the chakras and all your systems, glands and organs. As you learn the movements in combination with the breath, you’ll master this series in no time. Atma Chanan will also explain the mechanics of this set in helping to awaken and rise the Kundalini energy dormant at the base of the spine, and how this works with the aid of Three Body locks, Mulbandh or Root lock, Chin lock, and Diaphragm lock. She’ll use the Mantra SATNAM, commonly used in Kundalini Yoga, to calm the mind and the breath.

Week 2: Know Your Bodies

In Kundalini Yoga philosophy we have 10 bodies, six of which are subtle , three are mental, and our physical body. Experience and awaken to your 10 bodies with this simple and rejuvenating Kriya. In fourteen asanas, you’ll finish the practice with a feeling of fulfillment and lightness, as if you were aligned with your soul destiny and higher purpose, more alive than ever! The set ends with a deep relaxation and the Laya Yoga Meditation, a combination of bandhas, breath work and asanas to awaken and elevate the Kundalini.

Week 3: RA, Sun energy

When you breath in an expansive way for five minutes, it changes the quality of your lungs and heart, and all your activities for the rest of that hour. During this week, you’ll learn the Surya Kriya, an easy set in seven postures, combined with specific breath work and mantras to draw the energy of the Sun (RA) and gain a clear, focused mind. You’ll learn how to do FROGS, to strengthen your legs, navel and raise the Kundalini energy up your spine and your higher chakras. This kriya also gives a boost to your throat chakra for authentic self expression, replenishing the thyroid and parathyroid glands. And it ends with a deep self-healing Gong meditation.

Week 4: Your Pulse of Life

During this week, you’ll learn a simple technique with your legs to strengthen the navel, our cosmic bank or reserve of energy. The Nabhi Kriya is simple and fun; you do the practice while lying down on the floor on your back. This way you bring awareness to the center of the body, two inches below the belly button. There’s is a pulse of life here that if it is out of place, it can bring dis-ease and anxiety to the inner organs. This Kriya helps to balance the energy in this area, as well as the energy flowing between the lower and the upper chakras. You will feel the workout in your legs the first time you do it, but in the end it’s all worth it!