SoulHeart Yoga Academy

  • Learn to embody the spirit and the light of your Highest Self.

  • Transmute old habits, negative emotions and belief-patterns.

  • Balance the feminine and masculine energies within yourself.

  • Heal ancestral wounds and reclaim your right to be healthy and happy.

  • Embrace compassion and acceptance for all of you.

  • Allow yourself to live creatively and authentically.

  • Stand in your own truth.

SoulHeart Yoga Academy offers a combination of tools to befriend your soul and partake in a journey of self-discovery and awakening. It creates space for you to dwell deeply in connection, authenticity and empowerment, whether online, individual sessions or in person-workshops and events. Founded by Atma Chanan Kaur, our programs bridge Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Yoga Therapy and Feminine Spirituality, and our goal is for all beings to become radiant, creative and balanced. We help you to clear trauma (ancestral or from lifetimes) and stand in your power.

SoulHeart Yoga Academy blends yogic science with energetic healing and feminine-rooted values of nurturing and honoring the sacred feminine. We teach yoga sets and meditations that help boost women’s health and Spirit, combining body postures with breathwork and mantras as well as journaling exercises, mindfulness and Reiki healing helping you access your true identity–Satnam.

We encourage regular practice, as this is key to incorporating ancient technologies passed down by saints, sages, priestesses and healers for millennia, into a modern life-style. We honor all spiritual lineages, celebrating the ancestral wisdom in Continental Native American, African and European cultures as well as Eastern and Western Cosmologies.

We believe in the root of the word yoga–the union between our limited and Infinite Self. The more we tap into this collective inner wisdom, the more we activate higher vibrational neuropaths, bringing clarity and honesty to the way we communicate in the world and support each other in our soul journey from the “shadows” into the light.

Feel connected, grounded and loving with our guidance. You’ll discover our interconnectedness as it reveals itself through our ancestors and soul journeys.

Atma Chanan travels to teach in the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean. You can book her for online individual sessions, international festivals, yoga events, and universities, as well as online summits.

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