~About Atma Chanan Kaur~

Atma Chanan Kaur is a writer, a community advocate and educator. She brings a wealth of experience from her days teaching at the university to the growing business of wellness, meditation, and yoga. She’s taught Sociology, Migration, Social Research and Women’s Studies at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, INTEC, Santo Domingo Institute of Technology, Dominican Republic, Amherst College, Massachusetts, and St. John’s University, New York City.

Having taught young minds for twenty-three years, she brings to her yoga workshops, international trips, online courses and grassroots events a wide range of knowledge combining Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Tantra, Mindfulness, Eastern/Western Philosophy, Ancient Goddess Civilization, Sacred Sexuality, and Divine Feminine/Womb Wisdom. She loves writing and crafting leather journals, Redwood sculptures and jewelry with crystals, healing stones and goddess imagery.


Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Atma Chanan Kaur is the author of scholarly articles and books on gender migration, culture, philosophy, and spirituality, both in English and Spanish. A Fulbright scholar, she has been active in social justice and human rights issues for Latina immigrant women and people of color communities since the nineties. Her back injury and struggle with fibromyalgia has given her a unique perspective on women’s illnesses, the expectations placed on the social female body, and healing from physical, emotional, and ancestral trauma. She brings to her practice an array of energetic, healing tools like Reiki, Mindfulness, Shakti Power, Womb Medicine, and Kundalini Awakening.


Atma Chanan Kaur, Ph.D is trained in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan (KRI Certified, Nevada City, Los Angeles and San Francisco); Evolutionary Leadership Program and Internship at HAI (Human Awareness Institute, Petaluma, California); Meditation Teacher (300 hours–Certified at Shree Mahesh Heritage School, Rishikesh, India); Ceremonial Red Rose Priestess Minister (9 month-Certified with Marguerite Rigoglioso, Seven Sisters Mystery School, Sausalito, California); Journal Therapy Trainee (Institute for Therapeutic Writing, Colorado); Practitioner of Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychology at Insight Meditation Society, Barre, Massachusetts; Sierra Bender Wholistic Yoga Therapy for Women (200 hour-Certified in San Juan, Puerto Rico); Traditional Usui Reiki Method (one-year program-Master Reiki Certified at FIADASEC, Federation of Associations of Cultural, Ecological and Social Aid, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic); Facilitator and Co-Founder, Adeusa Puerto Rico, Asociación de Ayuda Social, Ecológica y Cultural, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Executive Director and Founder, Melassa Foundation, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

“My time with Atma Chanan allowed me to focus inward; it was an affirmation that I can choose to let go of anxiety and honor all my feelings, calling in new beginnings to emerge.”

Gina, Massage Therapist, San Rafael, California

“I admire Atma Chanan’s humbleness and her extraordinary sense of seeing the big picture without missing the small details. After her back injury, she has left footprints through her own spiritual journey.”

Ruth, Hatha Yoga Teacher, San Juan, Puerto Rico

“Atma Chanan delivers information with leadership, calmness, and clarity. She feels highly personal and present. Having never been exposed to the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, what she offers is quite informative and marvelously varied.”

Larry, Santa Rosa, California

“Atma Chanan has a great understanding of Kundalini Yoga. I like it more and more. Her timing and consistency is “spot on.” Her love is ever present and she is able to flow as needed.”

Dan Argraves, Tantra Teacher, Sebastopol, California